Highlander’s Poisoned Heart by Fiona Faris (ePUB)

poisoned heart, fiona faris

Highlander’s Poisoned Heart by Fiona Faris – Free eBooks Download


A hooded soldier has come to storm her life…

They took everything from him; his heritage, his honour, his right to live. Kyle MacDonnell was the fiercest and most loyal warrior of the MacDonnell clan, till he was framed as a traitor.
To escape the gallows, he goes into hiding. To clear his name, he will sneak in the MacFarlane lands. Disguised as a French tutor he will be hired by the Laird’s daughter. And he will put his plan at risk when he seduces his candied pupil…
Neilina MacFarlane, has been raised solely to become a Lady, a good wife who doesn’t need to read and write. Thirsty for knowledge and liberation from her oppressive father, her life will change forever when she stumbles upon a hooded stranger.
Her new tutor will teach her words unknown to her and senses she has never imagined they existed.
When his hood is lifted, Kyle must be careful for his fascination will put his innocence in danger. When the truth is revealed Neilina must decide whether the man in front of her is a traitor or an angel who came to liberate her.

She started as a pawn but became his queen…

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