Highlander’s Misfit Lass by Ava McArthur (ePUB)

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Highlander’s Misfit Lass (Tales Of Highland Might #8) by Ava McArthur – Free eBooks Download


She was always different. But she could not imagine how much.

Even though Emma Wallace has lived all her life in the Highlands, the other lasses her age have never warmed up to her, and neither has any other person in the village. The reason is most probably that her mother is English, and even though Emma can not claim to be English herself, she has never felt Scottish either.
Thus, when one of the men in the clan approaches her and asks to be her betrothed, Emma considers marrying him to finally stop feeling unaccepted and alone. However, it was never her dream to marry a man she did not love or stay in her little village forever.

Right before she makes her decision, an Englishman appears out of nowhere and to her surprise he is… looking for her mother! The strange man makes a spectacle as he is supposed to be a solicitor but is gigantic and built like a warrior. What can Trevor Whitehall, as he is called, want from Emma’s mother?

The lass meets him but does not reveal her identity, and yet, she learns that he is unwanted back at his hometown. Trevor looks dangerous, and he even admits that he has been involved in illegal fights, making Emma’s blood freeze. A wise lass would run away but Emma is determined to find out who he is and what secrets he holds, even if it is the last thing she will ever do…

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