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highlander's lust, adamina young

Highlander’s Lust (Highlands’ Deadly Sins #6) by Adamina Young – Free eBooks Download


Not sleeping with her will make him lose everything.

A father who teaches his son that the more women he seduces, the better, is not regarded as a wise man. Even more so if that father is a Laird, who is supposed to care about his people above all. But Laird Brisbane is a lustful man, and this is how he has brought up his son, Charlie. Now that the Laird died while being in bed with a woman who was not his wife, Charlie is about to take over, and everyone wonders; will he be any different?
Losing no time at all, on the day of his father’s funeral, Charlie claims Jean Macanroy, a young and pure lass, as his new wife. Jean has little experience with men, and Charlie approaches her with respect, but even a more mature woman, would have been dazzled by such a man. However, this will be the last time Jean will see the good side of Charlie for a long time…
The new Laird is never around, and Jean, being in a huge castle all by herself, begins to fall into depression. Yet, since giving up is not in her character, she decides to attack his weakness, and she refuses to bed Charlie until he changes his behavior! The Laird is confused as he is mad, and he knows that an unconsummated marriage will provide the clan’s counselors with the perfect opportunity to question his authority.
Right away, Charlie blames his wife for this situation and denies all her accusations of prodigal living. Determined to find out the truth, Jean follows her husband and what she discovers makes her wish she could leave him right then and there. But things are much more complicated now that they are bound together by marriage.
As the threat of the counselors draws nearer and the couple grows further apart, Jean realizes that it will not be long until Charlie falls and she gets dragged into the abyss with him. The only solution is to find a way to reveal the side of him that she saw when they first met. But to do this, she must take a bold step that she never thought she would dare to take.

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