Highlander’s Lady of the Lake by Kenna Kendrick (ePUB)

highlander's lady, kenna kendrick

Highlander’s Lady of the Lake by Kenna Kendrick – Free eBooks Download


He was planning to use her, but her beauty was the real death trap…

Nimue, daughter of Laird MacLellan, refuses to play the political games of her father. Even though he pushes her into an arranged marriage with an English noble, she is determined to remain loyal to Scotland. But before she finds a way to deter the disgraceful alliance, she becomes the captive of a reckless Highlander.
And although Nimue is tired of being a pawn of powerful men, her handsome kidnapper seems to have great plans for her.

Laird Chrisdean Macintosh is desperate to save his clan from extinction. By abducting and marrying MacLellan’s daughter, he will gain the influence to unite the Highlands against the English.
What he doesn’t expect is to fall hard for his alluring captive. But how can he make the woman he took by force willing to stay with him?

Now, Chrisdean has to prove that he is not a beast, while Nimue struggles to understand the man who has trapped her into another unwanted marriage.
But her father and her notorious betrothed have unleashed hell to find them. And the time for romance is running out…

She thirsted for freedom but it was his love that unchained her…

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