Highlander’s Hunted Maid by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

highlander's hunted maid, olivia kerr

Highlander’s Hunted Maid by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


Everyone hunts her. But he must protect her at any cost.

Flora’s diligence has made her one of the most trusted maids of the Laird, and his trust towards her makes people in the court jealous. However, when the Laird is found dead, and Flora is identified as the last person who saw him, the same people are sure that the lass will be going to jail with the allegation of murder! Kendrick Chalmers, the young brother of the Laird, is the new leader and the man who will have to put Flora behind bars.

There are no other suspects, but Kendrick finds it hard to believe that this sweet girl could kill the man who was so nice to her… Flora is trying to talk to Kendrick and convince him that she simply found the Laird dead and she has nothing to do with his killing! She respected him, and he was a father figure to her. However, if Kendrick does not administer justice, the clan will be furious at him, and he will never be the new Laird.

Kendrick never thought that his first act as a Laird would be to condemn a young lass, but it seems that there is no other choice. However, Flora warns him; according to her, the real murderer is still out there, so Kendrick is probably not safe. Thinking that is a desperate last try from her side, Kendrick ignores her words… until an attack against him takes place!

Could the lass be speaking the truth? The only thing that Kendrick knows for sure is that he can trust no one, and if he does not want to end up like his brother, he must act quickly. In a decision that would make the clan furious, Kendrick secretly frees Flora and will use her help to find the real killer.

Not knowing if this was the right thing to do or if he brought the murderer in a position to kill again, Kendrick will have to sleep with one eye open from now on. The worst part is that he starts developing feelings for the young maid that could cloud his judgment. If she is indeed innocent, that means that someone he considers a friend has already killed his brother and is coming for him. And Kendrick’s only ally is a hunted maid who he needs to protect day and night…

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