Highlander’s Greed by Adamina Young (ePUB)

highlander's greed, adamina young

Highlander’s Greed (Highlands’ Deadly Sins #3) by Adamina Young – Free eBooks Download


Her husband deceived a whole clan. But he can not deceive her.

People have been wondering what is wrong with Grace MacGill her whole life. She loves books, a weird interest for a man and an unthinkable one for a woman. This crazy passion of hers will lead Grace to her first adventure; Laird McDonald owes a debt to her brother, Laird MacGill, and Grace wants to travel there with the men who will collect the debt and get a chance to see the family’s famous collection of books.

Laird MacGill is happy that Grace will finally get out of the castle walls and agrees to let her go. As soon as Grace arrives, she finds that the books she had been dreaming of are there, but there is no chance the McDonalds will repay the debt! Unable to feed their own people, the McDonalds ask for an alternative. The solution to this problem might come from the son of the Laird, James McDonald.
Unlike his father, James seems to care for his people and examines every possible way to help them and at the same time repay the debt. Soon Grace and James realize that only a marriage between them can provide the MacGills with enough political power and the MacDonalds with money from the dowry to feed their people.

Grace is unsure whether she can marry a man she just met, but she knows she will have to wed eventually… James is more than attractive, seems kind, and being close to so many books does not seem all that bad. Yet, after she agrees to the marriage, Grace finds out that someone has been stealing the money, leaving the McDonald people to starve.
When Grace realizes that her new husband is that man, her world comes crashing down. How can she be together with a liar and a thief? Grace is alone in a place she does not belong, and her only ally has become her worst enemy.

It is apparent that if she reveals the fraud she will be in trouble. For the first time in Grace’s life, the answer to her problems can not be found in a book; she will have to fight to make it out of there alive.

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