Highlander’s Abyss of Desire by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

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Highlander’s Abyss of Desire by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


He has a few days left before their love sinks into the ocean forever…

After the death of a distant relative, the Tavinishes must travel to the estate they inherited from him in order to claim it. A seemingly easy task, if only the north sea did not lay between them and their destination which is… Denmark!

Lady Anna, Laird Tavinish’s sister is always eager for adventure, so she volunteers for the journey right away. Even though she is astonishingly beautiful, Anna is not yet married and has no obligations. Thus, the Laird agrees under one condition; she must be escorted. But a surprise awaits the young lass as among her companions is Harold, who is a little more than a friend and a little less than a lover for her…

Upon seeing him, Anna’s heart skips a bit. The two of them have been hiding their feelings for each other for years now, and in the tight space of a small ship, the stern and hard-nosed Harold will come face to face with his hidden desires.

Knowing that Anna is well beyond his reach, Harold tries every imaginable way to keep her out of his mind until the ship’s Captain approaches her. Mad with jealousy, Harold tries to show her that the man has no real feelings and is only trying to take advantage of her. But trapped in what he thinks is a conspiracy, Harold puts everyone’s life in danger and loses Anna’s trust.

If he does not find a way to turn the situation around soon, he will lose a lot more than Anna’s heart as the ship has been heading towards doom since the moment they left the port…

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