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high note, heather long

High Note (Cardinal Sins #3) by Heather Long, Blake Blessing – Free eBooks Download


Carve up the world…
From the moment my sexy death angel strode through that door, I’d been in lust. Or at least that was what I told myself. Beautiful, powerful, and far too dangerous for me, and I was hooked.
Utterly, irrevocably hooked.
Course, she had her own personal psycho puppy and, man, as much as I’d like to hate him, I didn’t. The dude was OCD to the point of painful when it came to cleaning, and he had the best skills in the kitchen. He also worshiped the ground she walked on.
Same, man, same.
We were making this work, even with the Fed in the dungeon. Then she didn’t come home. I didn’t care what I had to do, I was going to get her back.
If that meant letting the Fed out and working with him, then I was down. He could kick down the door and break the bones, whatever it took. If we had to take the world apart, well, then that was what we’d do.
Rick needed her. Mr. Call Me Cash was obsessed with her.
And me?
Well, I was all of the above. No way we were letting her go without a fight, not after we’d hit more than one high note together.

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