Hiding Her Highland Heart Away by Ava McArthur (ePUB)

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Hiding Her Highland Heart Away (Tales Of Highland Might #17) by Ava McArthur – Free eBooks Download


Could the last person she expected to fall for be the one?

Orla has always dreamed of finding her own English nobleman and happily ever after, just like her two sisters before her. When she is finally set to visit London, she believes she might leave the Highlands behind forever… However, an unexpected addition to the trip changes everything.
Hamish, Orla’s brother-in-law’s business partner, comes along with them. Everything Orla has glorified, the Highlander finds redundant, as he prefers his motherland over pretentious England. It does not take long for Orla to dislike Hamish, finding his ways and views insufferable. The lass wishes he was never there: his presence will not make meeting a suitor any easier.
Despite her initial disfavor of him, while in London, Orla finds herself slowly drawn to Hamish. However, the fact that the Highlander remains the exact opposite of what she was looking for leaves her confused. Soon, she will be called to choose between him and the man of her dreams. But by denying her Highland heritage, does Orla truly follow her heart or betray it?

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