Hiding Henry by Kaitlynn Clarkson (ePUB)

hiding henry, kaitlynn clarkson

Hiding Henry (Farmer In A Fix #2) by Kaitlynn Clarkson – Free eBooks Download


A stolen pig. An ex to avoid. Jail is looking more likely …

Cater for a party? Sure. It’s the perfect way for Lily Redman to grow her new business.
She just doesn’t expect it to be held at her ex’s farm, and by the time she finds out, it’s too late. She’s stuck with Ashton Cooper. She’d rather pet a crocodile.
Determined to go through with the whole miserable affair, Lily enlists the aid of Bec, her bestie. But vegan Bec discovers some adorable piglets on Ashton’s farm and is horrified to discover that they might get turned into sausages. Against Lily’s better judgement, Bec persuades her to join the rescue mission to save the piglets from Awful Ashton.
Their grand plan doesn’t work, so Bec turns to Plan B. Determined to save the world one pig at a time, she persuades Lily that they must rescue Henry, the big boar, instead. Amidst the chaos that ensues, Lily must fend off suspicious neighbors, avoid Ashton, and stay out of jail.

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