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hide with me, ian finn

Hide With Me (Morning Madison) by Ian Finn – Free eBooks Download


After my best friend from high school makes it as a singer in Madison, I move out to try my luck. Grace is a successful backup singer, and now, she is dragging me to parties for the music business. I go hoping to get a record deal. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love.
Christopher Cain is a huge rock star. I’m stunned to be at the same party with him and when he starts to flirt with me, I’m blown away. There’s always been rumors that he is gay, but nothing has been confirmed. However, with the way he’s staring at me, I hardly think his sexuality is in question.
To my surprise, his agent gives me a note from the star. Chris invites me to his house, for a private pool party. But I can’t tell anyone. He doesn’t want his reputation ruined.
One thing leads to another, and I find myself in love with a star. But Chris is a closeted star. All our dates must be in secret. The rare times we do go out, we have to enter and exit through different doors.
I accepted my sexuality in high school. Can I really love a man who insists on staying in the closet?

When I see Corey from across the room, I know there’s something different about him. He’s so beautiful, and so wonderfully confident. I have to get to know him more.
The aspiring singer seems like he is made for me. I don’t want to give him up. Yet, Corey is a proud gay man. I’ve been in the closet for years.
When I started in the music business, my agent advised me to keep my love life discreet. He wanted all of America to picture me as the perfect singer of romantic ballads. And by perfect, he meant straight.
Now I’m stuck between the façade that I show and the truth that is in my heart. Can I risk everything and come out or will I lose Corey for good?

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