Hide, Don’t Seek by Tris Wynters (ePUB)

hide don't seek, tris wynters

Hide, Don’t Seek (Not-So Childish Games Duet #1) by Tris Wynters – Free eBooks Download


Beatrice has all she could ever need.

A large property with three different homes surrounded entirely by trees, sweet, slithering snakes, and apps to help her find and vet male companions; as needed. Add in her work as an online teacher by day, and a vigilante of sorts by night, and she’s living her perfectly comfortable life.
But, of course, nothing goes her way for long.
A twist of fate suddenly brings the one person she’s allowed herself to become friends with, along with the rest of his mercenary team, knocking at the mile-high fortress Bea has built around her heart.

Will Beatrice allow herself to fall for them, or will the unraveling of her carefully controlled life prove to be too much for her to bear?

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