Hidden Truths by L.G. Campbell (ePUB)

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Hidden Truths (Satan’s Outlaws #1) by L.G. Campbell – Free eBooks Download


She was just meant to be part of the job. All I had to do was watch her, but that wasn’t enough. I needed her. I knew she would be mine.
Her beautiful bow lips and her smile were like a damn beacon, and I was like a moth to a flame.

Serena is an angel and I have to protect her.
The storm is building and it’s coming our way. It will take her out, it will take all of us out, and she has absolutely no idea. The truth needs to remain hidden to keep her safe.
War is raging against the Satan’s Outlaws. The Mexican Cartel are growing and they are bringing the war straight to their door.
What Serena doesn’t know is that she is a target; she is a pawn in their game of war.
Wes will do everything in his power to protect her.
He will try to keep her hidden and keep the truth buried, but the truth will always find a way to rise to the surface.
Secrets never stay secret for long. The truth will unravel and cause a ripple effect that no one can predict.

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