Hidden in Darkness 3 by Ali D. Jensen (ePUB)

hidden darkness 3, ali d jensen

Hidden in Darkness 3 (Salvatore Preparatory Academy #3) by Ali D. Jensen – Free eBooks Download


With one final look at the men I love, I die. I slip away into the darkness while they decide if I’m worth saving or not…

I guess I wasn’t worth it in the end. But you know what they say – secrets never stay secrets- and apparently mine were too much for them to handle. Instead, they allowed their hatred to win and our love to fall into the nothingness that consumed me. Only through pure luck, voodoo magic, power of the gods, or pure determination to remain alive am I still here, broken but living.

Ren stayed by my side through it all and when I finally woke up I could see the destruction left in the wake of my family having lived through the hardest part of my death and the greatest moment of my survival. My husband, my mom, nonno and best friend are all I have left in this imperfect family we created.

When I find out that my boys abandoned me, my broken heart demands revenge. It looks like Salvatore Prep hasn’t seen the last of me. Only this time, I’m not going for the diploma. I’m coming for the boys who stole my heart, watched it bleed out, and left it for dead. Matteo, Noah, and Cohen have no idea what’s coming for them. I’m either going to take back their hearts or take them the fuck out. Nobody messes with a mafia queen. Not even her kings.

I’m going to fight them.
I’m going to fuck them.
I’m going to destroy them.
I’m going to make them pay.

Senior year has been everything I’ve ever looked forward to. It was the light at the end of the tunnel for so long, but now… well, now it might just be the end of us all.

WARNING: HIDDEN IN DARKNESS is a reverse harem high school bully/new adult romance. It is the third and final book of the Salvatore Preparatory Academy series. This book features dark themes, potential triggers, foul language and sexual scenes so it may not be suitable for everyone. This book is recommended for readers eighteen years of age or older. The rest of you, ENJOY! #WhyChoose

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