Hidden Desire by M.T. Cassen (ePUB)

hidden desire, mt cassen

Hidden Desire (Alive With Desire #1) by M.T. Cassen – Free eBooks Download


Spoiled-brat Stassi sails through life on striking looks and Daddy’s wealth.

Until her world falls apart.
Daddy’s financial luck runs out, and the glam life drifts out of reach.
Stassi, at 25, needs a real job, stat.
From the catwalk to a hospital’s receptionist desk: broken nails will be the least of the platinum blonde’s problems.
Enters Sage, 38, hospital manager, a green-eyed butch goddess of practicality and social justice. The chemistry between them is hellfire: addictive and infuriatingly irresistible.
As Stassi is swept into Sage’s world of budgets and unfairly compensated personnel, she finds new meaning and purpose in a job that could make a difference.
Except for a secret or two…
Stassi got the job because Daddy owns the hospital…What if Sage found out that Stassi is a fraud? And Daddy sure won’t approve of Stassi’s efforts to unionize the hospital…

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