Hidden Beneath the Embers by Fay Bec (ePUB)

hidden beneath embers, fay bec

Hidden Beneath the Embers (The Dark Curse #1) by Fay Bec – Free eBooks Download


Hide-and-seek was a game Davyna loved playing as a child because she always won. But after the death of her adopted father, the game became her life’s mission to seek a blood relative to set her free from the cursed deal she made.
When every lead turns up empty, Davyna is forced to seek help from the creatures that hide in the dark.
And when her fairytale dream for her life goes up in flames, Davyna finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew as one secret after another is revealed. As darkness surrounds her, she wonders if there is any chance of waking from this nightmare.
With the help of new allies, will she find her way back to the light, or fall deeper into hell?
What started as a quest for her freedom quickly turns into a fight for her life as Davyna navigates loss, lust, and love. But more importantly, as she seeks answers to who- or what- she is.
This book includes trigger warnings like – grief, violence, blood, torture, death, PTSD episodes, emotional and physical abuse, sexual assault (mentioned in several area’s in passing), Profanity, and sexually explicit scenes.

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