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Hex’s Hell (Demon Dawgs MC: New Orleans #1) by K.L. Barstow – Free eBooks Download


Thanks to my mother and one of my so-called brothers, I’m in hell. The two conspired to ‘rescue’ the daughter of our current enemy. To ‘save’ her from whatever fate he had in store for her. But here’s the thing, she isn’t happy and she sure as hell isn’t grateful. Don’t get me wrong, she’s nothing short of gorgeous, at least what I can see of her when I’m not ducking out of the way of flying objects. I could fall for her if one of us doesn’t kill the other first.

Men suck. Why do men think they have the right to control our lives? First my father. Who pays for my education, giving me the false hope that I’m in control of my destiny. Right before he rips it all away when he promises me to one of his business partners. Just when I think my future is no longer my own, a mountain of a man kidnaps me and dumps me into the lap of yet another man who wants to keep me captive. When will men learn? I guess it’s up to me to show Hex just what kind of hell I can create.

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