Her World In His Hands by Vanessa Brooks (ePUB)

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Her World In His Hands (Defying the Gods #1) by Vanessa Brooks – Free eBooks Download


Mortals say there is a fine line between love and hate, they have no idea how blurry that line can get…

Tricked into an ill-fated marriage with the giantess, Skadi and forced to abandon the love of his life, Njord, Norse God of the sea, seafaring, the wind, fertility and wealth, is finally free to seek out the human woman who holds his heart.
Njord knows it will take more than honeyed words to regain his lover’s trust. Prepared to break every rule Odin has put in place since their disastrous separation, is a risk he is willing to take for one more night spent in the beautiful female’s arms.
Sassa, betrayed and abandoned by the God Njord, is left alone to deal with the isolation of his unwanted gift of immortality. Finally, now when her life is running successfully, he reappears out of the blue She hasn’t seen him for nigh on a thousand years or more, and yet somehow he still holds the same power to rock her world.

She has to resist his pull if she is to protect her most precious secret…

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