Her Unexpected Mistletoe Kiss by Laura Ann (ePUB)

unexpected kiss, laura ann

Her Unexpected Mistletoe Kiss (Bulbs, Blossoms and Bouquets #9) by Laura Ann – Free eBooks Download


She wants to go under the radar,
he’s desperate to be seen…
will a little mistletoe magic help heal these two broken hearts?

Isabel, “Belle”, Kerr arrives on her brother’s doorstep, bruised, broken, divorced and holding a newly minted college degree in hand. Her car might be held together with duct tape, but her future is her own and she doesn’t owe anyone anything, least of all the jerk of an ex-husband who took her confidence and smashed it under his boot before riding off into the sunset. Seaside Bay is supposed to be her haven where she can start a new life, with a new bakery and a new outlook…nowhere in that plan is there room for a man, especially not a movie star who flirts with women other than his wife.

Carson Cordova has spent his entire life being hidden by the shadow of his older, movie star brother. He has yet to meet a woman who isn’t looking past him on her way to the top. Even though his brother is married now, Carson still struggles to find a date who actually wants to get to know him for himself. So when Carson visits Seaside Bay for the holidays and a woman mistakes Carson for his brother, subsequently giving him the brush off, Carson can’t help but be intrigued.

When the truth comes out, Belle feels so bad for being rude, that she agrees to go on a date in order to say sorry. But one date turns into two, and soon Belle’s convictions are being tested. Can she trust Carson in a way she couldn’t trust her ex? Or is his true character only being hidden by the magic of Christmas?

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