Her Stubborn Warrior by Kaylee Pike (ePUB)

stubborn warrior, kaylee pike

Her Stubborn Warrior (Mated to the Tholkon Smugglers #14) by Kaylee Pike, Kyra Keys – Free eBooks Download


Thrown together on a mission through an alien wilderness, our only choice is to get dirty.

I’m a soldier. It’s my job to protect my people from the dangers on the planet we’re stranded on. The last thing I need on this mission is an uptight alien doctor following me around nagging me. But when he risks everything for me, I can’t help but see him in a different light. And I discover in the privacy of the jungle, that when he lets his hair down, he’s not afraid to get a little dangerous, and it’s completely irresistible.

My sister talked me into joining Aidro’s crew, telling me I needed to loosen up and see more the universe. Well, I think I’d like to go home now. I’ve found my limit, and it’s being crashed on an alien planet and chased by murderous AI drones. I wanted a quiet life, but instead, I’m stuck trekking through unknown wilderness with a reckless human woman on a mission to save our people.
If only it didn’t feel so much like my true home is wherever she is. Preferably naked.

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