Her Secret Champion by Roxie Ray (ePUB)

her secret champion, roxie ray

Her Secret Champion (Lunarian Warriors #5) by Roxie Ray – Free eBooks Download


Is he playing at being my master, or is he playing me?

Things have gone from bad to far, far worse since I was abducted from Earth and then thrown in the dungeon.
Apparently attempting to assassinate the queen is a no-no around here, even if she is a total psycho.
I need to find a way out. I’m done being a prisoner and a pawn.
But to escape I need help, and a terrifying alien warrior is my only hope.
Apex is everything I should fear. Dangerous. Alluring. A warrior forbidden from having a mate of his own.
The only way out of the dungeon is to put my freedom in his hands and pretend to be his slave.
I shouldn’t trust him, but I can’t keep my hands off him.
He can’t claim me and be the warrior he was raised to be.
The queen wants me tortured and killed.

It might be love, lust, or crazy space dust addling my brain, but I want to be his.
How can I make it happen when all the odds are stacked against us?

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