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Her Pirate Captain (Her Space Pirate #1) by Starla Fleet – Free eBooks Download


In my world being the younger identical twin sucks. It means being forced to hide. It means being kept as a backup plan should something untoward happen to my elder sibling.
Nah, sorry. That life’s not for me. I’m not playing second best to anyone.
I’ve been on the run for years, staying a step ahead of the Royals desperate to drag me back to a duty I didn’t choose. Honestly, I didn’t expect to stop. But then I stumble onto a ship with a cry for help that he answers. Captain Archer Black is charisma personified. His confidence and strength, threaten to overwhelm my barriers. It doesn’t help that he’s easy on eyes too. It doesn’t help that my body craves his touch. And now, for the first time in forever, running feels like the last thing I want to do.

My spaceship Hermes is the only home and safe space I’ve know. Stolen from another pirate years ago, the two of us have been to the edge of the galaxy and back. So, when Hermes’s AI memory is stolen leaving the vessel a virtual stranger, I’ll do anything to get it back.
That’s when Nova stumbles onto my ship with a bunch of Royals in pursuit. My first instinct should be send her right back out into the void of space. But my senses demand otherwise. They demand I keep her. They whisper that she is mine. And that could very well be my downfall.
With the royals on our tale, and a ship that doesn’t have my back, one thing is certain; we’re in for the ride of our lives.

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