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His mother named him Choyce because when it came to his father, she didn’t have one. As midnight strikes, she tries to warn Choyce of joining the family business. Dismissive of his mother’s warning, Choyce joins his family for his eighteenth birthday party, where his grandfather gives him the terms of his rite of passage. When Choyce rejects the terms, the act is seen as a rejection of his family and their rules, and the events that follow make two things very clear to Choyce: his mother was right… and things will never be the same again.

Ten years later, things have changed drastically for Choyce, his family, and the business. While there are a few things he regrets, saving Lavender the night of his eighteenth birthday isn’t on that list. Though a decade has passed, the day they spent together has been permanently seared into his memory. He’s changed now… hardened in some places and softened in others. But one thing that will never change is his loyalty and fierce need to protect and possess Lavender every time she’s in his presence.

To commemorate the day that changed them both, Lavender returns to Memphis, TN. Will she finally return Choyce’s heart to him, or will she leave with even more of his love than when she came?

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