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her one, erin osborne

Her One (Tattered and Torn MC) by Erin Osborne, Darlene Tallman – Free eBooks Download


Ophelia Waters
My entire life I’ve wanted one man. He’s my protector, a friend, and someone I know will always have my back. It doesn’t matter if this is because I’m his little sister’s best friend and spend more time at their house than my own. I have my reasons for not wanting to be around my family. Cricket and Drayven’s family have accepted me as one of their own. It’s no wonder I want the man who has always been there for me. Until he leaves for the military and I begin writing him letters with the care packages we send the guys. Never once do I get a response back from him.
After so many years, is it time for me to let go of my crush and move on from a man who will never see me as anything other than his little sister’s best friend?

Drayven ‘Scorch’ Takle
Leaving home at the age of eighteen, I join the military. My overall need to protect everyone in my life is what drives me to enlist. I leave everyone behind I care about to start a new journey in life. However, it doesn’t mean I forget them. There’s no way I can forget someone like Ophelia. She’s pure, sweet, loving, and everything good in this world. I don’t deserve her and I never will. So, I keep her at arm’s length and will never overstep the boundaries I have set for myself. Until I realize Ophelia is the only one I want. She’s been there for me in some of my darkest times and has no clue she was my entire reason for continuing on when I wanted to give up.

Can I prove to her I’m the man who will stand at her side when I’ve pushed her away for so long?

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