Her Movie Star’s Secret Plan by Cindy Ray Hale (ePUB)

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Her Movie Star’s Secret Plan (Maple Creek Brides #2) by Cindy Ray Hale – Free eBooks Download


He has enough charm for Hollywood, but she’s not impressed. Can he win this baker’s heart?

Bakery owner Alexis Remington has had a crush on Owen Hadley since before he was a world-famous actor. When she finds out he’s going to be the best man in the wedding where she’s the maid of honor, she feels incredibly nervous. But her anxiety quickly turns to anger when she realizes her old crush is cutting into her bakery’s much-needed revenue with the competition he’s created by opening a restaurant with a pastry chef.

When movie star Owen Hadley returns to Maple Creek to be in his best friend’s high-profile celebrity wedding, he decides it time to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening a restaurant. And where better than in his hometown? What he wasn’t counting on was the beautiful maid of honor blaming him for her bakery’s demise. When he realizes he can’t charm himself out of this situation, he learns that the only way to thaw her heart is to take the mask off. But is it too late?

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