Her Mountain Man Stalker by Gia Bailey (ePUB)

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Her Mountain Man Stalker (Journey’s Close, Alaska #2) by Gia Bailey – Free eBooks Download


I’m not a stalker.
Watching her and making sure she’s safe is all in the line of duty.
I’m not a stalker, I’m the Sherriff.
She’s too young for me, too innocent and naïve. Too trusting by far.
She’s my buddy’s younger sister.
My job is to protect her, and if that means watching her, so be it.
Seeing her struggle goes against all my instincts, and I can’t allow it.
A man like me needs to take care of a girl like Alex.
The problem is, the more I do… the more she feels like mine… pure and simple.

Coming back to Journey’s Close wasn’t exactly the glorious home run I’d expected it to be, in fact, it feels more like slinking home with my tail between my legs.
My older brother is still busy with his mountain rescue work, and everyone from high school is getting married and settling down.
I’m single, jobless, and can barely afford a studio apartment to rent.
At least some things are still the same. Blake Montgomery is still the hottest man in town, and now he has a badge and gun to go with it. And he just happens to be around every corner I turn.
When he insists that I stay with him, while my apartment is fixed up, the sparks that fly between us can’t be one-sided? Can they?
I intend to find out.

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