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her monster, bonnie kennedy

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To save her life, I’ll have to bring her back to the place that could kill her.
Jenna left Chaston Falls right after high school.
After the way her parents were, she couldn’t get out any faster.
But it’s not like my parents were any better.
I guess that’s what happens when your folks are loaded and have zero morals.
When human life for common people isn’t worth a plugged nickel in their eyes.
Well, they’re dead now.
My parents. Her parents. Our entire social circle.
The private jet they were in went down.
And that brings Jenna back home.
To me. The man who never stopped loving her.
I may have inherited the reins of StileCorp and emerged as the young, billionaire CEO.
But in my heart, I’ve always bled for Jenna.
And now she’s coming back to this small town that I own.
She’s coming for answers.
And asking too many questions.
When there’s only one question she should be asking.
Bend? Or kneel.

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