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Her Keeper (Tattered and Torn MC) by Erin Osborne, Darlene Tallman – Free eBooks Download


Cristen ‘Cricket’ Takle:
We started out as nothing more than pen pals. An older man who was already out living his life in one of the most dangerous ways possible. Kaiden, known as Goliath to everyone else, was in the military on the same team as my brother Drayven. Over time, feelings changed and I wanted more with the man. A man who doesn’t hold my past against me. While he says he wants the same thing, I’m not sure if he’s being completely honest. We don’t really know one another the way we should in order to decide if a relationship is the next step for us. The only thing I know for sure is I want a love like my parents; pure, true, and lasting.
Can I be the woman Goliath is truly looking for?

Kaiden ‘Goliath’ Sebring:
In the military, I meet a group of guys who become my brothers. They have my six and know I have theirs without a doubt in their mind. With one of those men, my best friend Scorch, comes his little sister and her best friend. Cricket and Ophelia begin sending us care packages with small letters in them. Cricket soon becomes a pen pal for me. She’s young and has her entire life in front of her and I’m already becoming jaded by the things I see on a daily basis. Soon, feelings begin to grow and change unexpectedly. I’m already the keeper of her secrets, but it’s not enough for me. I want a love like my Pappy and Nanny had; full of love, respect, and a ride or die kind of thing.

Will outside forces tear us apart before things even get started between us?

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