Her Grumpy Stone Guardian by Sidney Bristol (ePUB)

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Her Grumpy Stone Guardian (Gwen and Kanza: Part 1/Dungeons & Gargoyles #1) by Sidney Bristol – Free eBooks Download


I’m hunting my best friend’s killer. The police want me to believe an animal attacked and killed her. There must be an epidemic of savage animals because I have found dozens of deaths neatly hidden away, all with the same signature. So when I get a tip it’s happened again, I can’t help myself. The truth is out there. I have to find it. But instead I meet him. The grumpyliscious lumbersexual holding down a barstool. He’s the perfect distraction to make it through the nightmare hours. For once I don’t dread the night. When I wake up and he’s gone, I tell myself it’s for the best. I wasn’t staying anyway.

The only lead on my missing twin just turned up dead, and if I’m not careful, they’re going to pin the murder on me. As a gargoyle I’m used to hiding what I am. Pretending to be a human to shake a shifter tail at a bar is routine. Picking up a girl is just part of the act. But Gwen is so delightfully raw and real that I forget the fact that I’m using her. When our paths cross the next day, I realize the fates are pulling us together, and Gwen isn’t all that she appeared to be. She’s hunting the same monster I am, only she thinks they’re human.

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