Her Grumpy Alien Boss by Harlyn Moxie (ePUB)

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Her Grumpy Alien Boss (Rings of Cygnus #1) by Harlyn Moxie – Free eBooks Download


There are many complications a girl can encounter after a one night stand during a pleasure cruise…
Sleeping with the wrong guy is undoubtedly the most common.
I had no idea what I was doing, of course.
Far from being an expert on relationships — casual or otherwise — I actually find the rules of engagement hugely challenging… which is probably how I managed to break them all.
Consequence One:
I came on too strong and my “moves” seduced an alien warrior into a marathon-level, forbidden horizontal tango that rocked my world to the point of exhaustion.
Consequence Two:
The scarred, brooding, and oh-so-gorgeous Bezarni warrior — Barrett No-last-names-thanks — then left before I woke up…
So he could start his new job as my boss.
It happens. I know. It would almost be manageable, except…
There’s a war going on and Intergalactic Alliance regulations dictate that we can’t be together — which only complicates things further when fate and the universe have other very saucy ideas.
Apparently that one glorious night bound us for life, and the side effects of being Barrett’s mate are terribly… inconvenient.
Working under him is torture. All I want to do is get… well, under him.
And he knows it — freakin’ telepathic stud.
My only comfort is that our bond assures me he feels the same. Every time he lowers his guard to let me in, I know he’s determined to make a life with me regardless of the many obstacles we’ll face.
One epic night, we broke all the rules — and we’re going to have to keep breaking them, no matter the cost.
Because I didn’t sleep with the wrong guy…
I slept with Mr. Right. ♥

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