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Her Forbidden Prize (The Cowboy Auction of Darling Creek #3) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


Nothing like getting stood up for a date to make a newcomer feel welcome to a small town. Sarcasm aside, getting rejected stings. I’ve gotten good at picking myself up and dusting myself off, at least. The town’s annual charity dating auction gives me the chance to get back on the horse, and put that dud of a would-be date out of my mind. And the only cowboy up for auction that appeals to me in the slightest? Uh…that would be Jesse, the dad of the dud. I know I shouldn’t bid on a much older man like Jesse, let alone a much older man whose son stood me up. I really shouldn’t … should I? That’s just the problem with shoulds: they’re subjective. So, I’m going to ignore what I should and shouldn’t do…and do what I want.

On Friday morning, I’m staring like a creep at Mariam while trying to apologize for what my idiot son did to her. By Friday night, the pretty Mariam is bidding on me at a charity dating auction. Now we’ve got a problem: she’s half my age. My son almost dated her. Conventional wisdom would tell me to keep things platonic with the beautiful baker, and walk away from thoughts of romance. But I say, screw convention. Mariam should absolutely win a date with me, because the reality is, she’s the real prize. And anyone who thinks we’re not right for each other knows what to do with themselves … and the horse they rode in on.

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