Her Fierce Mate by Scarlet Sweet (ePUB)

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Her Fierce Mate (Wolves of Arcadia #3) by Scarlet Sweet – Free eBooks Download


She thought she was finally safe—but a vampire uprising threatens everything she holds dear.

After rugged, muscular Caspian saves me from a wild animal, he lays a kiss on my lips that sets my heart ablaze. I long for so much more—but he’s holding back, hiding something from me.
I thought my new life in Arcadia would provide the peace I’ve craved, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. With the vampire threat creeping around the corner and a massive Lycan acting as my guardian angel, I know I’m in for a hell of a time here.
And the kicker? I might just be his mate.

If perfection had a name, it’d be ‘Jenna.’ She’s the woman of my wildest dreams, the curvy goddess I never thought I deserved, but here she is—my mate. Picking strawberries as sweet as she is.
I tell myself I can’t have her, that she’s better off without me. I try to stay away from her because I know I can’t protect her, that becoming my mate would put a target on her back.
But the vampires don’t care if she’s mated or not, they’re hungry for fresh blood, and no one is safe.
Least of all a woman as delectable as Jenna.

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