Her Dragon Protector by Milly Taiden (ePUB)

dragon protector, milly taiden

Her Dragon Protector (Awaken the Dragon #3) by Milly Taiden, Ava Hunter – Free eBooks Download


Eating a sheep isn’t usually a big deal for dragon-shifter Tarn. But waking up in a new time and getting shot at for his little snack comes as a surprise. Although he escapes, he finds himself at the mercy of the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. His mate. He wants to heal quickly to show her all the dirty things he wants to do to her. To prove he loves her, of course.

Eva’s tired of living in a big mansion with loneliness as her companion. Tarn brings happiness and romance into her life. Okay, so he’s a little outdated when it comes to flirting, but that’s what makes him charming. Unfortunately, Tarn learns all the latest slang and it’s no time before he makes it clear he wants to tap her backside. She should be embarrassed, but the sizzling looks he gives her make it really hard to not be excited instead.

Tarn and Eva need to figure out why he has woken up and why her father is acting so strangely. Dragons are being destroyed with their own magic. It must be stopped. They track down the poachers that want him dead. It’s a battle for survival while Tarn and Eva figure out if their romance can survive the dragon hunters.

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