Her Defenders by G. Bailey (ePUB)

her defenders, g bailey

Her Defenders (Fall Mountain Shifters #2) by G. Bailey – Free eBooks Download


The alpha rejecting me was just the start of my revenge…
Being an outcast of the wolves was always something I accepted until I met them. The four alpha wolves of Fall Mountain Pack. They showed me I could be so much more than the rejected wolf they found on a beach and saved. They healed me and made me stronger, fixing what was broken in my soul.
But they lied.
Dragged back to the Ravensword Pack, I learn who I am before being left in the hands of the alpha I ran from, starting a war no one can stop. The past that I couldn’t remember has caught up with us, and it turns out they were always a part of it. They aren’t just alpha wolves and our fates are as intertwined as Hades and Persephone’s were.
I never thought being rejected would lead me to my past, but it has, and my past comes with more than a bite
It comes with wings.

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