Her Dangerous Earl by Ella Edon (ePUB)

dangerous earl, ella edon

Her Dangerous Earl (Scandalous Liaisons #4) by Ella Edon – Free eBooks Download


He endangered her life once, now he wants to destroy her reputation as well?

Pandemonium! That’s what Raphaella Canmure had found herself involved in. After she is caught amidst a murder attempt, her life changes forever and Raphaella is in despair. That particular gentleman she saved, is a scandal in the flesh and as much as she wants to stay away, her life is now tied to his.
Mr. Logan Inverly, an ex-army captain, is a man traumatized by the tragedies of war. With no intention of having a family, he is sampling the pleasures of life, until someone tries to kill him. He might have survived the first attack, but now he has made Raphaella a target as well.
With her identity compromised to his enemies, Logan takes a bold decision; take Raphaella away to protect her. But they can’t hide for long, as an unmarried woman cannot be confined with a well-known rake.
Trapped in a game of desire and fear, Logan must find the person who threatens his life while trying to resist destroying Raphaella’s honor…
Protecting her life was his mission, awakening her desire was his purpose…

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