Her Bully Boss by Flora Madison (ePUB)

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Her Bully Boss (Bosses Require Curves #2) by Flora Madison – Free eBooks Download


In all the years I’ve worked at Clayton Pharmaceutical, I’ve never had direct contact with Vance Clayton.
The handsome, hulking CEO is known for his lack of patience and perfectionists’ demands.
I expected him to be curt, but I did not expect him to be disrespectful.
It seems the man has it out for me, and with my bills piling up, I can’t just quit.
Stranger still, I find myself oddly attracted to him.
With his bright green eyes and massive frame, he’s gorgeous beyond words.
But isn’t it wrong to be attracted to someone who treats you so badly?

I’m used to having things done my way, without question and without backtalk.
When Ainsley stands up to me in front of the board meeting, I see red.
But I also see a drop-dead gorgeous, curvy brunette with the warmest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.
No one gets away with making me appear weak, and I’m not going to start by allowing Ainsley’s behavior to slide.
I want her to pay for being outspoken, for not falling in line as an assistant should.
I also want her more than I’ve ever wanted any woman in the world.

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