Her Bodyguard’s Embrace by Raina Kaufman (ePUB)

bodyguard's embrace, raina kaufman

Her Bodyguard’s Embrace by Raina Kaufman – Free eBooks Download


Jade is a Hollywood star and straight as they come, but there’s just something about her new bodyguard.

Jade is a talented and successful Hollywood actress, living in the limelight of fame and fortune. With a high-profile life comes danger, and her manager hires a bodyguard to ensure her safety.
Enter Taylor, an ex-cop with a no-nonsense approach to her work. She’s fiercely dedicated to her job and has never allowed her heart to get in the way of her professional duties.
Their connection is instantaneous, and as they spend more time together, the boundaries between professional and personal start to blur. Jade knows she’s taking a risk, but Taylor’s strong presence and unwavering determination to protect her is too tempting to resist.
As the danger intensifies, Taylor must make a choice. Will she continue to do her job and protect Jade at all costs, or will the depth of their feelings put Jade in even greater danger?
In a world of glamour and deceit, can true love survive the perils of fame and the secrets that lurk in the shadows?

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