Her Billionaire Geek by Jo Grafford (ePUB)

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Her Billionaire Geek (Black Tie Billionaires #6) by Jo Grafford – Free eBooks Download


When two billionaire corporate executives marry strictly for business purposes, sometimes the heart still wants what the heart wants.

Architect genius, Greyson Maddox, agrees to design a self-sustaining model house for a luxury homebuilder — who subsequently plans to use it as a prototype for selling memberships to a one-of-a-kind, futuristic community. When the builder’s daughter begs Greyson to turn down the project, claiming it’s just another one of her father’s doomed-to-fail schemes, he insists it’s a good investment, then asks her on a date.

Though she knows better than to trust rich playboys, Milana Belmonte is instantly attracted to the man helping her father spend down the bulk of his fortune. She tests what appears to be a mutual interest by attempting to wheedle a huge discount for the project. His answer? The only way Greyson Maddox will work pro bono for her family is if she agrees to combine their extraordinary talent in a marriage of convenience for the duration of the building venture!

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