Her Alien Mates by Ivy Sparks (ePUB)

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Her Alien Mates (Fated Mates of Korvia, #1) by Ivy Sparks – Free eBooks Download


After crashing onto the savage planet of Korvia, my friends and I are turned into glorified prizes to be won in a violent competition. And it’s not a winner-takes-all situation either…

There must be two Korvian victors for each human female, because apparently they can’t reproduce any other way. And here I thought becoming breeding stock for one alien would be bad enough.
But there are two competitors who seem different from the rest. One’s a suave prince, the other’s a brooding barbarian, and they’re both willing to die for me.
I can’t say the feelings aren’t mutual. It’s been years since I’ve seen a man, let alone two who both have such alluring qualities. And I’m not just talking about their… Well, you know.
But there’s one big problem: They’re lifelong enemies. And if they both win, they might use me as a pawn against each other.
Oh, and did I mention they want babies from me?
Yeah, not so fast. If they want heirs, they’ll have to learn how to share first.
But is it possible for them to cooperate, even for me?

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