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Hellion (The King Cousins #3) by K.D. Elizabeth – Free eBooks Download


I’m the world’s biggest bad boy. She’s the town’s do-gooder.
We’re the last people who should be friends.

I left my small hometown the morning after my high school graduation.
Seven years later, I’m now a famous model.
When I’m caught with my pants down—literally—my agent temporarily banishes me from public.
I end up back home—where I swore I’d never return.
But the place has changed since I left.
The brothers I’ve missed have moved on without me.
And everyone thinks I’m a selfish prick.
There’s one thing that’s remained the same, though.
My old classmate, Margaux.
We hurl insults at each other after I’m unintentionally rude to her, then later discover we’re working together on a project for the elementary school.
Turns out, though, that this isn’t the only project Margaux’s been volunteered for.
The whole town is practically taking advantage of her.
And she’s too nice to decline.
Infuriated, I convince her to create a revenge bucket list.
She lists the people who’ve wronged her. I choose the harmless revenge.
But Margaux doesn’t just want to learn to stick up for herself.
She wants a friendship with me, too.
One that comes with many benefits.
And while I’m all for the curvy blonde, I worry about one thing.
If I give in to her steamy demands now, what happens when I inevitably leave?

HELLION is a 102K word steamy small town contemporary romance that has a little bit of suspense, an absolutely hilarious first chapter, a bunch of hot brothers, and one yummy but very naughty hero. Steer clear if you don’t like dirty-mouthed boys! NOTE: This book deals with loss and feelings of inadequacy/self esteem issues, as well as some bullying. It might not be for everyone. While this is a standalone book, you may get more out of it by starting with book one (LUSH.) Enjoy!

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