Held By a Monster by Kenzie Kelly (ePUB)

held by monster, kenzie kelly

Held by a Monster (Monstrous Guardians #1) by Kenzie Kelly – Free eBooks Download


On the run for my life, I stumbled into a monster’s arms.

A bunch of sick, rich jerks take women no one will miss and set them loose to hunt in a twisted game. But they aren’t the only monsters in the woods.
Drym is a creature straight out of my worst nightmares—complete with horns, tail, and a killer physique. A beast who might just be the bodyguard I need to keep me safe from the men hunting me.
I shouldn’t be happy to cozy up with an apex predator, but he’s one hell of a protector, and that body made for killing is also pretty good at other things.
But my monster has trouble of his own. There’s a lab full of mad scientists eager to reclaim their prized experiment.
Our enemies plan to destroy us. Take our freedom. Our lives.
They don’t know we’re ready to burn the world down together.

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