Heir to the Eternal Throne by Emory Gayle (ePUB)

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Heir to the Eternal Throne (Eternal Saga #2) by Emory Gayle – Free eBooks Download


When ancient evil starts to stir, it’s up to them to stop hell from breaking open.
Erich and Mellie have a lot on their plates as they grapple with Erich’s new form, Mellie’s new powers, and the lost key to the gates of the underworld. As the two unearth their past, their every step leads them deeper into hell, putting their lives in mortal danger—for even the dead can kill. Can they survive the place they once called home?

She’s the one he always wanted.
Smart and sensible Shalli, has spent years hiding her heart behind her work—and her fiery power from everyone. But when the arrogant boy she refused years ago returns as the man she’d always hoped he’d be, the life she has built for herself is thrown into chaos.

He’s the one she needed more from.
With wraith attacks on the rise, intelligent and grounded Tim returns to protect his people from growing danger and face an impending marriage he wants no part of. However, when his heart falls for an old flame, his priorities go up in flames.

When circumstances bring the two back together after years apart, sparks fly. But is there enough to light a fire?

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