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Heir to His Court (The Fae Prince of Everenne #3) by Alisyn Fae – Free eBooks Download


Mirror, mirror in my abyss, who is truly the Darkest Fae in our midst? Renaud may taste my blood on his lips, but I have his son’s blood on my hands.

The time for secrets is coming to a close. We must both step onto another killing field—far from Everenne—but fields soaked in lies turn into mines to destroy us all.
Perhaps resistance is futile. . .I have never heard of a halfling who repudiated a bond of a High Fae Lord, especially a mad Prince who is willing to kill to keep.
But I will brace my feet in the sand and hold my weight. I will not be swept away in the storm between the Old One at my back and the Ancient approaching my front.
Resistance may be futile, but my mother’s strength forms the marrow in my bones. I am the blood of an Ancient, after all.
You will not tame me easily, my Prince.
. . .I weary of this, Lady Aerinne. Of your resistance, of your rashness. Do you think my patience infinite? Have I inadvertently taught you I would stay my hand because I love you?
No longer.
Your secret is finally mine, the shadow in your mind you have kept hidden from me—you are learning to navigate the board, halfling.
Learning to seduce a Prince.
You will feel the weight of my wrath. The force of my want. Bend, or break. . .I care not. You are mine.
I have ensured it already. I have welded us by blood and seed, and when the flower bears my fruit. . .
Checkmate, my Princess.
An Heir for our Court.
You think I play the long game. Now you understand I play the eternal game.
Your move.

*HEIR TO HIS COURTis a high heat fantasy dark romance, Book 3 in the Fae Prince of Everenne series. This is not a standalone and ends on a cliffhanger. Night In His Eyes and Blood On His Lips must be read first.

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