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Heaven’s Devil (Heaven’s Devil #1) by Storm Song – Free eBooks Download


Common sense tells you that you would know if you were evil, but what about the freaking anti-christ?

Quite ironically, my name is Faith, and up until a few days ago I was just a normal waitress working a dead end job just to get by. My life was going perfectly crappy just like everyone else, and my dumb ass had to go and screw it up looking for love.
When a mysterious dating app installs itself onto my phone I cave and take the bait.

Little do I know the four blind dates I’m matched with are actually the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and my life is turned upside down like the crosses they wear around their necks.
I barely have enough time to process that angels and demons exist because every angel and their momma is descending from a corrupt heaven to kill me.
Backed into a corner I’m left with two choices- try to plead my innocence to God and his army, or become the anti-christ they all think I am and build my own.

Are good and evil really as black and white as they’re tying to make them out to be?

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