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heartwood, am rose

Heartwood (Daydream, Colorado #2) by A.M. Rose – Free eBooks Download


You have to have roots before branches

Tate had been defying that sentiment all his life with terrible results. Unanchored, he existed with a gift so heavy it felt like a curse, made to do other people’s bidding, waiting for the perfect moment to break free. He expected to find somewhere he could be at peace, and find out who he was. He didn’t expect to find Daydream. Or Darian.

As Daydream’s healer, Darian was making sure everyone and everything in the magical community was healthy and thriving. He offered his time, his magic, and his care without ever asking for anything in return. When he was asked to keep an eye out for a man running away from trouble, he expected he’d wait for him, help him heal, and go back to his regular duties. He didn’t expect to find Tate. A man just a little bit broken but entirely beautiful. A man that needed a place in the world.

As Tate’s presence starts filling the empty spaces in Darian’s life, they’ll both start to wonder. Could Darian be that place for Tate?

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