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ISBN13: 9780986416705

Hearts series by Claire Contreras – Free eBooks Download


KALEIDOSCOPE HEARTS: He was my older brother’s best friend. He was never supposed to be mine. I thought we would get it out of our system and move on. One of us did. One of us left.
Now he’s back, looking at me like he wants to devour me. And all those feelings I’d turned into anger are brewing into something else, something that terrifies me. He broke my heart last time. This time he’ll obliterate it.

PAPER HEARTS: I lost her. No. I threw her away. She was my best friend. I was never supposed to fall in love with her. I was careless. She was heartbroken.
I thought I was doing fine. But here she is, years later, forced to work with me, reminding me why I fell in love with her in the first place. And this time I’m going to do everything in my power to never let her go.

ELASTIC HEARTS: Victor Reuben. Most sought out divorce attorney in LA.
Nicole Alessi. Soon to be ex-wife of Hollywood’s biggest star, Victor’s latest client and his boss’s daughter.
In such a high profile divorce, they can’t afford any extra drama. Luckily, neither one of them has anything to hide. Unless you count the mind blowing sex they had… Once… Twice… Three times all those years ago.
As long as they leave the past where it belongs, they’ll be fine. But with her wearing those tight dresses and him giving her those heated glances, keeping their hands to themselves is proving to be more difficult than either one of them realized. It won’t be long before the paparazzi start to smell smoke, and where there’s smoke…

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  • Kaleidoscope Hearts (Hearts series #1) by Claire Contreras – In .epub and .pdf
  • Torn Hearts (Hearts series #1.5) by Claire Contreras – In .epub and .pdf
  • Paper Hearts (Hearts series #2) by Claire Contreras – In .epub and .pdf
  • Elastic Hearts (Hearts series #3) by Claire Contreras – In .epub and .pdf



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