Heart’s Escape by Meredith Hart (ePUB)

heart's escape, meredith hart

Heart’s Escape (Fallen Hearts) by Meredith Hart – Free eBooks Download


Alindra spent her life trapped in the Kingdom of the Summer. Tonight, she’s escaping.
There’s only one place the Kingdom of the Summer won’t find her: the Lands Below, that frozen subterranean realm where long ago her king imprisoned the wicked Kingdom of the Fall. She’s ready to risk her escape alone, but the Lands Below come looking for her when a man named Phaedron opens a portal into her bedroom and claims he needs her magic to free his brother from a dragon.

It’s an insane story. She would have to be desperate to go with him.
But she is desperate. And she is going with him.

Phaedron thought losing his arm was the worst thing that could happen to him. Then he lost his brother.
When his brother agreed to use himself as bait to catch a dragon, Phaedron promised to find him. No matter what. Even if it means throwing himself through a portal, entering the palace of their enemies, and trying to convince a magician he’s never met to help him rescue someone from the kingdom they defeated and imprisoned centuries ago.

Everyone knows you can’t trust a magician, especially a magician from the Kingdom of the Summer.
But Phaedron doesn’t need to trust her. He just needs her magic.

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