Heart’s Cove Hunks by Lilian Monroe (ePUB)

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Heart’s Cove Hunks: Dirty Little Midlife #4-6 by Lilian Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Laugh-out-loud funny, with cover-to-cover banter and red-hot heat. Heart’s
Cove Hunks is the unmissable continuation of the “Dirty Little Midlife” books.

Book Four: Dirty Little Midlife Disaster
Trina Viceroy is in trouble.
She’s a newly single mother of two young kids, jobless, nearly penniless…and now
she has a flat tire.
Until motorcycle-riding hunk Mac Blaire arrives to save the day.
Then he asks Trina if she’d like a ride on his—ahem—motorcycle.
The problem?
Trina doesn’t know just how off-limits Mr. Blair really is…

Book Five: Dirty Little Midlife Debacle
Jen is doing it. She’s entering the baking competition that will launch her career.
But her partner just dropped out.
Thankfully, there’s a ready replacement.
Fallon Richter was supposed to be long gone, but now he’s back.
After all, he and Jen have unfinished business…

Book Six: Dirty Little Midlife Secret
Lily has a secret, and it’s about to come out.
Right now would be a terrible time to get involved with handsome, roguish Rudy.
A truly terrible time.
Too bad Rudy has other ideas…

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