Heartbeats in Honolulu by Jess Mastorakos (ePUB)

hearbeats in honolulu, jess mastorakos

Heartbeats in Honolulu (Kailua Marines #5) by Jess Mastorakos – Free eBooks Download


I need this promotion. But if I win, what will I lose?
I’ve done everything right in nearly a decade as a Marine, but thanks to stuff outside of my control, it’s all gonna come crashing down if I don’t pick up a rank soon.
Enter recruiting duty. My one chance to kill it and earn the promotion that will save my job.
There’s just one thing standing in my way. Her.
Hot-tempered, pigheaded, and frustratingly gorgeous Sergeant Nora Cannon is gunning for the same promotion. Shots were fired the moment we met and I can tell neither one of us is going down without a fight.
The only problem is, when we’re not fighting, sparks are flying. And I can’t get her fierce attitude and cunning smile out of my mind. But I can’t afford to let her distract me. I can’t afford to let her win.
Or, can I? Because as much as I don’t want to lose my job, I don’t want to lose her, either.

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