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Heart On For Dragon (Dragon Guard Holiday Love Stories #3) by Julia Mills – Free eBooks Download


Valentine’s Day went off without a hitch. Love was in the air. Arrows were flying. The chocolate-covered cherries were extra good, and…
Drum roll please…
My hunka-hunka-burning love returned from parts unknown.

Everything was wonderful. The world was in love. I was in love. Even Bernie smiled for half-a-second
And then it happened…
Bibiddy-bobbity- blech-ack-gag-gag-gag!

Whisked across the galaxy, thrown into a hole in the ground and separated from my Dragon, my happily ever after was brutally rebuffed and Goddess help us all, somebody touched my butt!
This crap will not stand!

Just let me get my Magic back and I’ll be kicking butt and not even asking for initials or my name’s not Violet E. Brown, Witch Extraordinaire and Keeper of the Spark of Love!

Watch out, bad guys! Back up Spiorpion! My spellin’ fingers are cocked and Bernie’s fit to be tied! We’re coming to save my Dragon Man, jerk a knot in your tail, and send you back to the Hell from whence you came.

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the Love only stops when I say so. That’s my gig. That’s who I am. Amoré is what I do! Ya’ hear me, Bad Guy?

I’ve got a Heart on for my Dragon and nuthin’ stops a Brown Witch – not even you!

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